Last Abyss itself started a long while back by a naive individual who thought he would make the next great story based open world (before that was overdone) action adventure FPS. He amassed a bunch of friends with promises of fame and glory.

Little did he know that he would spend the next seven years not making the next great shooter, but learning how hard it really is to make great games. People came and left, but eventually, somehow, Last Abyss turned into a group of highly talented, passionate individuals striving to make great things.

Slowly but surely, as time progressed and many expletives were uttered, a group that was originally (foolishly) intended to make a massive improbable project was humbled into making something much more passionate.

The number of expletives shouted hasn’t decreased one bit.

TLDR: We’re a group of people who love to create and build things.

Okay? What the hell does Last Abyss mean?

That’s not important.